prof. dr hab. Jan Jacek Sztaudynger

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Econometric graduate from the University of Lodz (1970), employee of the Institute of Econometrics, the University of Lodz, head of the Department of Econometrics (2012-2016). Awarded with the Minister's Awards for the doctorate and habilitation, and the E. Lipinski Polish Economic Society Award for the book Modification of production functions and work productivity. Professorship (2006). He published 90 scientific papers.

Research stays abroad: at the University of Pennsylvania (papers co-authored by the Nobel Prize laureate L.R. Klein), the Central Institute of Economics and Mathematics in Moscow and the University of Bonn. He presented papers in Poland and 12 other countries, at 130 conferences. Member of the organizing committee of the conference and editorial board "Annales. Ethics in economic life" (1998-), Statistical Council of the Prime Minister (2001-2002), Juror of the E. Lipinski PES competition (from 2016), member of the President Lech Kaczyński Academic Civic Club (2010-).

He promoted six doctors. He was was a principal investigator of nine central projects on econometric models of economic growth, inequality of income, social capital and European integration. Recently he has dealt with the social capital (generalized trust, willingness to help and honesty) and the connection with economic growth. Since 2006, when his first grandson was born, he has studied economy-family relations (fertility rate, marriage and divorce), the interdependence of family social capital with economic growth and quality of life.
Married, has two sons and six grandchildren.